Welcome to H15 Luxury Palace - a place where history beautifully blends with modernity.
Join us on a unique journey through the old and modern Krakow.


The begining

Those plans started coming to fruition. At first the neighboring townhouses were only build to one story in height which allowed for further expansion in the coming decades. That is exactly what occurred and with it came the creation of the four townhouse complex that formed the palace.



In 1744 the buildings were converted into a Palace which the Lubomirksi Family acquired in the second half of the XIX century and called home. The layout of the Lubomirski Palace took shape vastly due to the renovations that took place between 1873 and 1874.

Center of Life in Krakow

The Lubomirski Family has amassed a vast collection of art, including collections of paintings and furniture. The Palace quickly became a cultural center of old Krakow where many gatherings and art exhibitions took place. After World War II, the Palace became the headquarters of the French Institute and remained as such until 1999.


Modern times

In 2016, a complete revitalization and expansion of the buildings began. Simultaneously historical conservation work was being carefully performed, some of which included restoration of polychromies on the first-floor ceilings and a restoration of the front gate, the front façade, and baroque era ceiling in the main hall. Finalized in June of 2020, the Lubomirski Palace has transformed into an exceptional hotel called H15 Luxury  Palace.

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